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Oklahoma ABLE

Oklahoma ABLE Alcohol Training (OKABLE-V2)


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On October 1, 2018, Responsible Alcohol Service Training became mandatory in the state of Oklahoma.

This approved Oklahoma responsible alcohol service training course is required for your employee license. This alcohol seller/server course is designed to promote the legal and responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Oklahoma.

The goals of this course are:

  1. To promote responsible alcohol consumption through responsible alcohol service

  2. To give you the knowledge and skills to prevent alcohol sales to minors and visibly intoxicated persons and avoid Dram Shop lawsuits

  3. To help you realize that your actions can reduce the number of intoxicated drivers, deaths, injuries, and other costs resulting from alcohol abuse

  4. To help you serve alcohol responsibly by not serving minors or apparently intoxicated persons.

Course Requirements

  • Students must complete the entire class before taking the exam.

  • Students may not drink alcohol or be under the influence of intoxicants during the class and exam.

  • The seminar you are attending does not represent all legal issues concerning liquor laws in Oklahoma State.

  • If the student does not pass the course, they may retake the course free of charge until they pass the course.

Upon completing our Oklahoma ABLE Alcohol Training course and final exam, you will be able to print your certificate of completion immediately. It will also be emailed to you.

  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Course Goals
  • Course Information
  • Unit Goals
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • Duties
  • Duties Knowledge Check
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Unit Summary
  • Alcohol the Drug
  • Alcohol the Drug Unit Goals
  • What is Alcohol
  • What is Moderation
  • Who Should Not Drink Alcohol
  • Alcohol and the Body
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • Alcohol and the Brain
  • Drugs and Impaired Driving
  • Alcohol and how it Affects your Body
  • Factors Affecting BAC and Impairment
  • Factors Affecting BAC and Impairment Cont.
  • Date Rape Drugs
  • Other Factors Affecting BAC and Impairment
  • Serving Alcoholics
  • Alcoholism is a Disease
  • Alcoholism Symptoms
  • Alcohol Myth Knowledge Check
  • Unit Summary
  • Minors and Checking ID
  • Minors and Checking ID Unit Goals
  • Minors
  • Identification
  • Age Knowledge Check
  • Acceptable ID to Verify Age in Oklahoma
  • DMV ID Card
  • Valid US Military ID
  • Valid Passport
  • ID Checking Guidebook
  • U-CARD
  • R.E.F.U.S.E.
  • ID Checking Exercise
  • ID Checking General Tips
  • Compliance Checks
  • Unit Summary
  • Intoxicated Person
  • Intoxicated Person Unit Goals
  • Visible Intoxication
  • 50 Signs Intoxication
  • Reasonable Effort
  • Measuring Intoxication
  • Drink Equivalency
  • Interventions Techniques and Skills
  • Professional Intervention Attitudes
  • Intervention Techniques
  • Intervention Scripts
  • Unit Summary
  • Dram Shop Liability Lawsuit, Liability, and Drinking on Duty
  • Dram Shop Liability Lawsuit, Liability Unit Goals
  • Dram Shop Liability and Drinking and Driving Laws
  • Incident Logbook
  • Liability
  • Loitering
  • Public Intoxication
  • DUI Laws
  • Designated Driver Program
  • Hours of Alcohol Sales
  • Fines
  • Drinking on Duty
  • ABLE Online License Application
  • Unit Summary
  • Oklahoma ABLE FINAL TEST
  • Oklahoma ABLE Final Test
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Oklahoma ABLE Final Test"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years